Hack your meals,

Silicon Valley!

Innovation is no good if your employees are hungry while they code, and taking time out of your day to find, organize, and schedule a meal is – dare we say – so 2017.

Instead, send us your guest count, number of weekly meals, and dietary preferences. Our platform will take care of the rest! Better yet, we’ll integrate with Slack and Google Calendar to keep your team up-to-date and happily fed.

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Mealtimes that work as hard as you do

Take breakfast offline

Unplugging and connecting with your team over a meal is a great way to get on the same page and make sure everyone is ready for the day. With Chewse Silicon Valley breakfast catering, you can grab a quick Le Boulanger bagel or breakfast sandwich, or sit down for some of Mikayla’s eggs, croissants, and fruit. Bon appetit!

Circle back to lunchtime

Believe it or not, your team will be more productive if you don’t work through lunch. Take the time to break, sit back, and connect with your coworkers – when you get back to the table, you’ll be more creative and ready to go for the afternoon! Try energizing the team with Silicon Valley lunch catering from Poke House, or opt for authentic peruvian food from Sipan Peruvian.

Rebrand dinner time

Whether your team just finished a great day or is hunkering down for an all-nighter, take a break and refresh for dinner! Chewse Silicon Valley dinner catering takes the work off your plate so you can connect and engage over delights like Taqueria Cazadores’ taco bar or Pranzi’s hearty italian classics. Looking for something lighter? Try vietnamese bowls from Big Bites!

Snackification: the new big thing

Say “thank you” for a great week with Silicon Valley sweets & treats catering. No matter whatyour employees worked on this week, everyone loves a good ol’fashioned CREAM ice cream sandwich break!

Lean in to real connection

Your people work hard every week – so instead of sending them straight home, say “thank you!” with some Silicon Valley happy hour catering. You bring the booze, we’ll supply the to-drool-over snacks like Srasa Kitchen’s pork belly buns and Slider Bar’s brisket, pulled pork, or portobello avocado sliders!

How Chewse Works

Say hello.

Send us a few basic details. Then, we’ll learn what you love to eat (with humans, not algorithms, we promise) and find restaurants that are right for your office.

Let’s do lunch (or ramen!)

Every office is unique, and we want to make sure you love our food as much as we do. Your Account Manager will set you up with a trial, no strings attached.

Don’t lift a finger…

Your job is to enjoy your meal, get to know your coworkers, and find the next great idea. We’ll handle delivery, set-up, and clean-up – we’ll even donate any uneaten leftovers.

Leftovers, reimagined.

No matter how good the food is, there’s always a bit leftover. Once you’re ready, our meal host will donate any remaining food to a non-profit in your area.

Get started!
We aren’t working out of a house in Palo Alto, but we do believe that everyone has a seat at the table. Join the family!

What We’re Eating

Asian Box

Featuring fresh ingredients with a street-food style approach, we love Asian Box’s build-your-own style bar. Pro tip: sprinkle their “Street Dust” on everything.

Bonchon San Jose

Double-fried and crispy, Bonchon’s wings are then coated with decadent sauces, like tangy garlic or soy-sesame. Pair with vegan japchae or house fried rice.


Cookies truly rule everything at CREAM. Let your inner child loose and prepare your sweet-tooth; you may have a hard time eating just one!

Oren’s Hummus

Oren’s Hummus is serious about Mediterranean food. Try their fluffy falafel, creamy labane, and spicy red chili garlic. Don’t forget the hummus!

KoJa Kitchen

Top KoJa kitchen’s fluffy rice with a mouth-watering main like Korean BBQ beef or teriyaki zen portobello patties. Add a dash of kimchi or masago, and enjoy!

Heritage Eats

Travel around the world with Heritage Eats’ globally-inspired cuisine. Enjoy their carnitas pork wrap, Mediterranean tacos, or Jamaican chicken.


Make a wish upon a (Star)bird and it’s guaranteed to come true (or so we’ve heard!). Try their reimagined “fast food” flavors, and don’t miss their signature Star Sauce!


It’s Taco Tuesday every day with Tacolicious! This build-your-own bar features corn tortillas, a variety of savory proteins, and toppings for every taste profile.

Our pillars

At Chewse, we think office catering can be more than a food delivery service. That’s why we’ve built our service pillars around your needs. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with your company and boost your culture, so everyone experiences the Chewse office catering benefits.

Set-it and forget-it – once you schedule your meals on our platform, we’ll coordinate with the restaurant and handle the delivery.

Get to know the team over lunch. Besides, some of the best ideas come from casual conversations (lookin’ at you Mark Zuckerberg!).

We’re pros at making sure there are no bumps in the road. Our meal hosts make sure your meal is set up on time and ready to eat!

Our work isn’t over once your office has enjoyed the meal. We’ll set aside any leftovers you’d like to keep, then recover the remaining food. Through our Chewse to Give program and partnership with Copia, we work in real-time to route food to the people who will benefit from it the most.

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