Office community through food?

Modern employees expect their workplaces to be more and more like a second family – but how can we build an office community when so many of our conversations happen digitally?

By unplugging over food and sharing a meal with the people they share an office with, employees are able to connect with their company on a broader scale. Say hello to more engagement, lower turnover, and increased creativity – all because your employees found a community at work.

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Community is served

When your employees sit down for a meal together, they aren’t just eating at the same time – they’re sharing the same experience with their coworkers! Encouraging your employees to connect “outside of work” increases trust, which leads to a happier and healthier company culture.

Spontaneous Connection

Employees who have friends at work are statistically more likely to be happier. That happiness drives office community, collaboration, and, ultimately, retention!

Longer Conversations

Move beyond “How’s it going?” pleasantries. By sitting down and chatting over lunch, your employees have the chance to get to know each other on a personal level.

Face-to-Face Interactions

Most employees spend a huge part of their day staring at screens. Move past the digital and provide a space for authentic, human conversation. You never know what might happen.

Cross-team Collaboration

Some of the best ideas happen when two people from different departments brainstorm together. “Worst” case? They might find a shared interest with someone new.

Community beyond the office

We’ll help you create community and culture in your office, but we don’t just stop there. We practice what we preach – here are just a few ways we cultivate community throughout Chewse.

No Subway in Sight

All of the food you enjoy through Chewse comes from local restaurants in your area, and we curate each menu in close partnership with the restaurant. Interested in trying a new cuisine? We have everything from pupusas to Uzbek cuisine. Looking for something new? Our Restaurants team is regularly adding new partners!

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We <3 Our People

We believe community begins with taking care of our employees, so they can take care of you. All of our Meal Hosts are hired locally, and everyone is a W2 employee. Each employee is trained to provide exceptional customer service, and we’re constantly improving behind-the-scenes in order to make your experience as smooth as possible.

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Leftovers, reimagined

None of our food goes to waste. Once your team has enjoyed your Chewse meal, your meal host will bring your leftovers back to our headquarters. There, we’ll repackage and deliver the food to local non-profits through our Chewse to Give program and our partnership with Copia. Together, we’re fighting hunger, reducing food waste, and driving down carbon emissions.

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Giving Back to the Local Community

Our committment to the community doesn’t stop once the last bite has been enjoyed. In order to create a hollistic ecosystem, we want to be fully invested in our food and our community – from the local restaurants we use, to the local non-profits we give back to.

Food waste is a growing problem in the United States – right now, about 30-40% of our food is wasted. To fight food waste, and give back to the local ecosystem, we’ve started the Chewse to Give program.

Through Chewse to Give, we’ve partnered with Copia to reclaim uneaten leftovers and donate them to non-profits. Copia works in real-time to route food to the folks that need it most.

We’re also serving up…