Hospitality isn’t a one-person job

Here’s how we all pitch in

We believe food is the best way to connect – whether you’re connecting with friends, coworkers, or strangers. Learn more about how our Hospitality value threads through every aspect of our office catering network.

Join the family!

Restaurants Experts

Our Restaurants Team is constantly bringing new and exciting foods onto the Chewse platforms. Then, our meal planners work on menus that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Account Managers

Think of your Account Manager as your foodie best friend. They work to make sure you’re getting meals that work for your office (and that your employees are jazzed about), every time.

Meal Hosts

Chewse Meal Hosts handle delivery, set-up, clean-up, and excess food donation. They’re your boots-on-the-ground, friendly-as-can-be, day-to-day partner in all things catering.

A Day in the Life of a Meal Host

On time and ready to go!

“Hospitality” means your Meal Host arrives on time with plenty of time to spare. They follow your instructions to set up your food on-time and correctly.

Set-up done, your way.

Do you have a set-up in mind? Would you prefer to be totally hands-off? Whatever “sitting back and relaxing” looks like to you – your Meal Host is here to help.

Your host handles the rest.

Let your dedicated Meal Host replenish trays and refresh food so everyone (we see you Office Manager!) can enjoy the meal together.

Don’t worry about clean-up, either.

Did a team member work through lunch? Before cleaning up, your Meal Host can set a meal aside, if needed. Then, they’ll clean your space so it looks good-as-new.

We donate what you don’t want.

Once everyone is satisfied, your Meal Host will recover and repackage your leftovers. We’ll donate the food to a local non-profit to make sure everyone has a seat at the table.

This year we will deliver 75,000 meals!

Hospitality means we serve you

With Chewse hospitality, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best possible meal experience, which we can only do by having the best possible staff. Our meal hosts will bring your meal to life, and ask for feedback afterwards to make sure the service is as good as it can be!

We’re also serving up…