Chewse is in the business of bringing people together

We provide office meals from the top local restaurants and serve it up like it’s Thanksgiving day. Your employees dive in, devour and savor meals from around the city, that perfectly align with your office’s palate preferences. The team walks away with happy bellies, and something that can’t be served on a platter – Human connection. Family style meals create a breeding ground for culture, (and I’m not talking about the kombucha). Opinions and experiences are shared, new ideas are buzzing through the atmosphere, and most importantly; people feel heard and acknowledged. Feelings of excitement and diversity, need to be supported by a backbone of security and belonging for people to do their best work.


Who We Are

Chewse is a diverse, culture first company that cares deeply about our clients and each other. With Chewse, you can expect to have a delicious meal, delivered and served expertly in a timely manner. We make it easy to nurture the connective nature of your workplace by catering family-style meals that bring people together. It’s that simple.

In order to deliver upon this promise with precision and care, we place emphasis on our core hospitality values. We hire for employees with potential to excel at living these values. We train everyone on them. We practice them in our interactions with one another and with our clients and restaurant partners. We envision that our work here is a microcosm of how an interconnected world might look and feel.

We care about Diversity and Equality


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