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Chewse (pronounced ‘Chooz’) is proud to extend its service to the area in late 2018. Chewse has been bringing teams, in hundreds of companies, office catering—although we think of it as Office Dining—from the best local independent restaurants in San Francisco and LA for over seven years. We believe that food is the kernel of culture and we’re excited to bring our service to Silicon Valley.


It’s time to give Silicon Valley tech-enabled food, brought to you with heart by experts that know who you are and what you need. How? Because we’re one of you! We’re a Foundry Group and 500 Startups company that already serves tens of thousands of people with huge growth plans. Sound familiar?


Chewse offers end-to-end office dining: simply sign up with us on our easy to use website and we take care of the rest! First, our expert foodies and powerful tech platform tailor varied, seasonal menus for your team’s preferences and dietary needs from the hottest local restaurants. Meals are then delivered and, if you like, served and even cleaned away by our highly trained, fully employed (your security will thank you) staff of drivers and hosts.


You’re a busy individual with more important things to worry about than ordering food. But we know that you know how important your business culture and the wellness of your team really is. So when your office has its next Lunch & Learn, cross-functional meeting, All Hands or Happy Hour, choose Chewse to be your trusted partner so you can get back to the real work.


We also know that Silicon Valley companies face increasing pressure from the local community to provide economic support and drive revenue to the local market. Chewse offers the best of both worlds to companies that can no longer consider in-house catering: a comprehensive office dining service that brings with it the best flavors and cuisine from locally owned, independently run restaurants right to you.


You are in Silicon Valley because you want to change the world, let us feed your team, so they are nourished and inspired to do their best work.

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