This hospitality guide is a living, breathing document that details how we treat each other inside our company, and how we treat every single person and customer we connect with. We’re not perfect, and neither is this document. It’s still a work in progress, but as a transparent company, we believe in sharing what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what’s working. 

The Chewse experience is: Warm. Empathetic. Authentic.

Humans have bonded over food since the beginning of time. It’s deep inside all of us; we’re all tribal at a fundamental level, and we all crave human connection. 

The problem is, modern-day workplaces are moving away from that authentic human connection. So much of our day is spent online, with coworkers we don’t know very well, or working at companies we don’t know if we can trust. Community, and even more importantly, authentic connection, is sorely lacking from the workplace.

We talk more about how eating together can build community on our Community Service Pillar page, so check that out if you want to learn more. However, when we talk about Hospitality, we’re talking about how we make those communities workplace possible (spoiler: with office catering!).

Why does hospitality matter?

Sure, you could order a meal delivery service that drops food off at your door and leaves you be. More likely than not though, something will go wrong. They forgot forks and knives. The meals aren’t properly labeled. Your employees forgot what they ordered. Your Office Manager is facilitating something else, so there’s no one to set up. The list goes on, but our main point is this: 

Office catering should be more than a delivery service. 

Our goal is to provide a seamless meal experience. Not only can you expect to have a delicious meal, delivered and served expertly in a timely manner, but you’ll also be plugged into the larger Chewse network. From a dedicated Account Manager to a friendly help desk, all the way to our meal hosts that deliver and help out with the meals – we’re delivering ease-of-use, so you can focus on what matters: connecting over family-style meals. 

It’s that simple.

Our Hospitality Service Pillar informs the way we hire, interact, and engage with you, our employees, and the restaurants we’re serving from. We’re dedicated to intentionally practicing hospitality in every conversation. We hope that our work here is a microcosm of how an interconnected world might look and feel.

1. Everyone has a seat at the table

We say this a lot, and we mean it every time. Our CEO and co-Founder, Tracy Lawrence, was bullied badly as a child – so badly, in fact, that she ate lunch in the bathroom every day from age 7-10. We want to make sure no one ever eats alone again. 

That’s why your Account Manager will work with you to develop your office’s Taste Profile. Do you have a few vegetarian diners? A gluten-free employee? Several vegan meal requests? We work with you to learn not only what our employees want to eat, but also what they can eat. Then we’ll send you tasty, varied options from a host of local restaurants that your team will love. 

2. Meals that delight, every time

No one wants to eat the same food every week, no matter how good it is. That’s why our Restaurants team is constantly working to onboard new restaurants in each city we work in. Looking for a classic you love? We have options like Baja Cantina Mexican food in LA or Barzotto’s Italian delights in SF. Hoping to try something new? How does Austin-based UZeat’s authentic Uzbek cuisine or Chicago’s Brazilian Bowl sound? 

We’re meal planning with YOU at the center, and we’re always improving for your office. Our proprietary Chewse platform optimizes your food options so you’re getting great variety, while our Account Managers and Help Desk associates are always there to help if needed.

3. Whatever “sitting back and relaxing” means for you

When we say everyone has a seat at the table, we mean everyone – we see you, Office Manager! Whether you have a specific set-up in mind or no idea what you’re looking for, our teams will work with your needs. We can even give you pointers on how to optimize your breakroom (spoiler: long tables = great for conversations!), or walk you through our recommended food station set-up. 

The Chewse dashboard will handle the logistics, then we’ll work with you to make sure it all looks good on your end. Hassle-free has never tasted so good.

4. We commit to transparency

There are no hidden fees in our service. Whether you have an in-the-moment question for a Help Desk associate or a longer-term change request for your Account Manager, a real person is always there to listen and help. While we are constantly developing technology that will empower the human experience and seamlessly integrate with your workflow, we do know that having a person on the end of the line is often the best solution – and we commit to sticking to that. 

Our Help Desk and Account Managers will also be realistic about what we can provide, and will check in with you about how things are going if needed. They’ll also reach out if anything about your anticipated order changes. 

5. The limit does not exist

All three of our service pillars (Hospitality, Community, and Technology) are an ongoing process, but none more so than Hospitality. We’re committed to being better every day, so if there’s something you need, or a piece of feedback you have, please pass it along to a team member, who will put it into action. As a love & excellence company, we value transparency and feedback, and challenge each other to fearless introspection. 

Any ideas on how we can provide you with a better service are welcome and highly appreciated.

That’s Chewse hospitality in a nutshell!

For more information, check out our Hospitality Service Pillar page.

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