Services like Netflix and lyft are making it easier for millions of people to simply…be human. Technology allows us to explore people, places, and things like never before. And the same is true for food! With on-demand food delivery and restaurant catering, people have access to a wide variety of cuisines and new restaurants at their fingertips. The possibilities are endless! 

But let’s face it, there’s one area of food that’s pretty outdated: catering. It takes weeks (or even months) for a restaurant catering team to work with a client on an event. Keeping track of orders and events can take Herculean efforts to pull off. But with tough margins and seemingly never-ending rising costs on food, catering is expensive for a restaurant! Not to mention the work it takes to get your restaurant’s name out there. And if you don’t have a restaurant catering program, where do you even start?

That’s where technology comes in. Corporate catering companies like Chewse are harnessing technology to simplify catering. Our Restaurants Team is one of many teams making sure our restaurants are set-up for success in this new world. They’ve heard from our partners that third-party restaurant catering beats traditional catering out of the water. Here are some reasons why!

Full-service solutions

Tracy Lawrence’s, our CEO and Co-Founder, first job was as an event planner. As any event planner knows, catering events was a big part of the job. Simple right? Get a restaurant to make and deliver food to an event. She realized, however, the details weren’t so simple. She was hard-pressed to find a restaurant – other than Subway or Panera catering – that would meet dietary restrictions and provide delivery. Thanks, but not quite. And that’s how Chewse was born.

On the restaurant side, running a successful catering program is an entire enterprise on its own. There are big rewards so long as you’ve got the time, money, and resources to staff and advertise your offerings. Looking back, that’s probably why it was so difficult for Tracy to find local restaurant catering.

The entire premise of third-party catering companies is to make breakfast catering or lunch catering easy for restaurants and companies alike. We do the heavy lifting of showing off your restaurant catering options to our clients. We then work with them to capture their order details and our technology makes it easy for restaurants to fulfill those orders. 

Marketing is another big hurdle for a restaurant, but crucial to drawing people in. Working with a catering company to build your restaurant catering program can help get more eyes on your food. We have the resources to send your food to hundreds or thousands of people and showcase your food on our website and social media platforms.  

From start to finish, we take a full-service approach to catering so that you can focus on what you do best.

Restaurant catering delivery made easy

If you’ve ever served a large party for catering or in-house dining, you know the attention to detail behind a single plate of food. There’s more to it than just the ingredients! It takes training ever-changing staff, quality control, good vendor relationships, and building and equipment upkeep, to keep things running. Adding a catering team requires all of the same process, but at a much larger scale.

At Chewse, we hire and train drivers to pick-up and deliver meals to the thousands of clients we serve everyday. This cuts out a helluva lot of time spent going back and forth with a client on their order and the hassle of transporting the food. We take care of all of that so clients can enjoy an incredible meal with your food as the centerpiece.

A side of hospitality with your restaurant catering

Hospitality is at the core of the restaurant industry. Whether you serve food out of a food truck, from a counter, or on a raw-edge, finely-polished oak wood table, diners remember your food and your service. We work hard every day to embody these values by showing (and improving upon!) our hospitality values in every office we serve. 

We hire and train part-time personnel rather than outsourcing as a way to align our hospitality values with our practice. We seek to serve exceptional meals consistently and our delivery team is on the frontlines making sure diners are satisfied. 

You put your heart and soul into serving the best food possible, so we take the same level of care. Our meal hosts facilitate clients’ meals by showcasing your food in the best light possible and create relationships with our clients to understand their needs. They set-up your meals family-style so diners take the time to chat with one another over a shared meal. Your food helps us make sure everyone has a seat at the table, just like they would at your restaurant.

Small businesses can play too

Generally speaking, larger restaurants have larger kitchens to prep and store food a few days in advance of a large order. It may seem that a new restaurant or a small, mom-and-pop shop wouldn’t be able to scale up to meet the demand of large catering orders. This couldn’t be further from the truth! And in reality, we at Chewse love working with small, local restaurants.

We believe in building community, and part of that is supporting community. In each of our cities, we take a hyperlocal approach to food. That means we’re always looking for the best local spots who, more often than not, support local economies by hiring local and buying local produce. And with the nature of our recurring meal service, you’ll get consistent business month over month from people who very well may live and work in your neighborhood! 

So in an era when being tech-savvy is seemingly the key to success, you don’t have to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs to run your restaurant. With our technology and roster of clients, your small business has the ability to grow fast, or simply, get your food in more bellies! Our Restaurant Team makes sure your restaurant catering program is set-up for success from first call to first meal. And they’ll be with you to smooth any bumps along the way.

Restaurant partner case study: Fellow

Our LA restaurant catering partner, Fellow, is a great example of how partnering with a third-party catering service can help your restaurant grow. Fellow opened in 2018 setting out to become a beloved neighborhood bistro serving up comfort food classics, driven by California ingredients. They partnered with Chewse to start their restaurant catering service from the ground-up and in tandem with their in-house experience. 

In no time, they received tons of catering orders each month and became a top-requested choice for our diners. Capitalizing on different services for corporate catering in Los Angeles has given Fellow robust and consistent revenue streams helping them stay competitive. In a town that considers eating a second job, that’s no small feat. 

Don’t go it alone! 

Simply put, catering for restaurants is downright hard if you’re doing it on your own. It takes the right equipment, staff, and a whole lot of work to get off the ground. Working with a corporate catering company like Chewse can help streamline the process. We work with you closely to make sure you have the tools needed to serve hundreds of diners. 

If you’re interested in learning more, read more about why restaurant catering helps build community or sign-up to feed hungry diners today!