Welcome to our new series: Restaurant Spotlights! Each week we’ll feature just a few of our rockstar restaurant partners in our cities – we could never pick a favorite child! This week? A few of our BBQ catering Restaurant Partners!

Beef ribs, mouth-watering brisket, and pulled pork, oh my! Summertime is the best time (but not the only time) for a good old-fashioned barbeque. 

While barbeque techniques are some of the most hotly debated topics in the food world – dry or saucy? Memphis or Kansas City-style? – one thing is for damn sure. Barbeque is downright GOOD.

We’ve already got the meat sweats just thinking about the essential barbeque spots in each of our cities. Put on your bib, get your wet naps ready, and dig in – no forks needed!


Look, we’re not going to make some definitive claim that we know which one of the many, many barbeque joints in Austin reigns supreme. In Texas, barbeque is not just any old meal, it’s a way of life. So what we’re going to do instead is celebrate the spot near and dear to our hearts, Black’s Barbeque

Originally opened in the 1930s, third-generation pitmaster, Kent Black, keeps his family’s legacy alive today. A simple, straightforward mix of herbs and spices is rubbed on beautifully marbled slabs of brisket and beef ribs. It’s then smoked seriously slow using local oak wood. And it doesn’t stop there. Black’s 80-year-old sausage recipe is still homemade and stuffed by hand every day. 

George Foreman – yes, the same George Foreman of Foreman Grills – once ordered 200 pounds of their giant beef ribs for a party. Even the Foreman grill guy can’t get enough of Black’s Barbeque! Black’s attracts lines down the block at each of their four locations, but our diners are lucky enough to get it catered straight to their office.

Los Angeles

When you live somewhere where barbeque is NOT king, what do you do? The owners behind Baby Blues BBQ found themselves wondering the exact same thing. Originally from the South, Rick McCarthy and Danny Fischer embarked on a Southern-style road trip with one goal in mind: to bring big barbeque flavors to Los Angeles.

With recipes inspired by the best of the best from Tennessee to Texas and everywhere in between, McCarthy and Fischer opened their first location in Venice Beach. Since 2004, Baby Blues BBQ has been slinging regionally-inspired classics made with the freshest California ingredients.  

The pair churns out classics like dry-rubbed baby back ribs, pulled pork, and (if you’re lucky enough), slow smoked, Texas-style beef ribs. With a slew of traditional fixin’s like macaroni and cheese, homemade cornbread, and collard greens, it’s no wonder Baby Blues converts kale-lovers and die-hard barbeque fans alike.

San Francisco

If you’ve never heard of Smokin’ Warehouse, you’ve been missing a San Francisco gem. Founded in 2010 by Bill Lee, Smokin’ Warehouse BBQ was originally a catering company called BL Catering. Lee catered for non-profit events like fundraisers and holiday parties, but he wanted to bring his smoked meats and grilled veggies to more friends and family. So Lee took the same warehouse he was catering out of and turned it into a barbeque delight. 

At Smokin’ Warehouse, you’ll find all of the barbecue classics, cooked to perfection. Sink your teeth in their cumin pepper beef brisket, or try their fresh pulled pork cooked in a savory, sweet, and slightly spicy sauce. Don’t forget a generous piece of cornbread, baked beans, and mac n cheese!

Silicon Valley

Entrepreneurs and dreamers alike are drawn to Silicon Valley and the dream that their passion can become a business. This story particularly strikes true for Smoking Pig BBQ CEO Paul Reddick, who quit his job as a semiconductor sales manager in 2011 and chased his dream of owning and managing a barbeque restaurant. Eight years and three restaurants later, the Valley agrees with us: it more than paid off. 

Smoking Pig BBQ has found something special in their slow-smoked ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. Throw in their chicken and Louisiana hot links, combined with tender baked beans and zippy cole slaw, and it’s hard to imagine there’s anything better. 

Reddick also hosts live blues shows on Friday and Saturday in their Fremont location. To date, they’ve hosted 624 live shows, which reflects their passion and commitment for good food and great culture. Check them out next time you’re in the area! 

If you’re drooling as much as we are right now, sign up to have Chewse serve you one of these kickass BBQ catering spots (and more!) to your office today.