Welcome to our Restaurant Spotlight series! Each week, we’ll feature just a few of our rockstar restaurant partners in our cities. This week? We’re showing you our favorite Italian catering picks that are almost as good as your nonna’s.

*Sluuuuuuuuuuuurp*…that’s the sound of us eating a giant bowl of pasta from one of our Italian catering restaurant partners. What’s not to love about saucy pastas, roasted meats and fishes, and salty cheeses?! (Of course, washing it down with wine ain’t so bad, too.) We dream of showering slightly charred pizzas with freshly-grated parmesan. Or warming our bellies with bolognese and salty prosciutto. And for breakfast, all we want is a buttery pastry so flaky, the crumbs shatter into a million pieces to savor all over again.

When Italian immigrants came to the US, they brought their traditions and recipes with them. Sharing a big meal with good friends and family was a welcome retreat from neighbors who weren’t so welcoming. Italian and Italian-American food are vastly different – heck, there are even many different regional styles within the cuisines! 

Traditional Italian food is one defined by regional takes on simple, seasonally-driven ingredients, while Italian-American cuisine is rustically-prepared and heartier. At their core, they both stem from a history of taking whatever was in season and making a whole lot of food out of very little to bring family and friends together. 

That history continues today in the comforts of your own office. Our Italian catering restaurant partners offer their versions of what we know and love. Whether it’s your Friday lunch catering meal or staff appreciation dinner, Chewse’s Italian catering restaurants have your back like your nonna.

Fresh pasta from Rosti Tuscan Kitchen

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is no stranger to really, really good Italian food. From fine dining by the likes of Nancy Silverton and her famed Osteria restaurants to the homier plaid tablecloth-adorned spots in the Valley. That’s what makes it so hard to choose where to go on a Friday night when you’re craving piping hot lasagna. And then by the time you do, reservations are fully booked! So trust us on this one, Rosti Tuscan Kitchen is the spot – and you’ll get ‘em in your Chewse lunch catering. 

One bite of their signature rotisserie chicken or pasta tossed in a fresh tomato and cream sauce and you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a Tuscan veranda overlooking the rolling hills. Garden-fresh ingredients are the stars of the show in all of their dishes – as is the Tuscan way. Rosti’s wholesome meals remind us that great Italian food (and Italian catering for that matter) doesn’t have to be fussy.

Barzotto spaghetti and meatballs

San Francisco

Barzotto serves up fine dining-worthy Italian dishes in an approachable setting. They’re redefining your go-to neighborhood Italian bistro. Barzotto’s homemade pastas delight carb-loving aficionados – certified and honorary alike. But what makes them stand out isn’t the many different handmade pasta shapes or the tender and juicy porchetta. That does help, though. It’s that they translate their impeccable dishes and humble but refined digs to an unforgettable Italian catering experience.

We can’t get enough of their slightly spicy pork meatballs in a bright red sauce with a side of their ear-shaped lumache. The sauce from the meatballs clings onto the lumache and dollops of fresh ricotta gives it an irresistible creaminess. Can you tell we really love what we do?

Piccolo linguine and prawns

Silicon Valley

Piccolo Ristorante is that local Italian restaurant where you celebrated every birthday, anniversary, and every other milestone with your family and friends. Big celebrations call for down right delicious comfort food elevated with a dash of love in the form of fresh ingredients and housemade treatments. That’s why Piccolo is our go-to for when you want to celebrate 

Their dishes reflect traditional Italian recipes done the Piccolo way. Their Pork Saltimbocca does pork two ways: pork loin is wrapped in salty prosciutto and pan-fried to lock in all those porky juices. With a n

Tony C's rigatoni and fresh-baked roll


Sure, Tony C’s is known for coal-fired New York-style pizzas, but have you tried their pastas, risottos, and rustic meat dishes? Their menu features all those familiar Italian-American classics done right. Your next lunch or dinner office catering will make you wonder how you ever could’ve subjected yourself to a Sad Desk Lunch™.

Nothing beats a tender piece of chicken delicately prepared in a lemony, briny piccata sauce. Or meaty mushrooms in a decadently creamy, cheesy risotto. And for all you animal and plant-lovers out there, Tony C’s has you covered with spaghetti and Impossible Meat meatballs. Can you believe you can get all this for lunch? Without ever stepping out in that blazing hot Texas sun? We can ;).

Firenze sandwiches


Okay, yeah we’ve written about them before – but we’ll proclaim our love for Firenze Italian Street Food from the rooftops until the end of time! Last time, we said we couldn’t pick a favorite but we think we finally did! At this Florence-inspired Chicago joint, where you’re hard-pressed to find it without a line at lunch time, the sandwiches are damn good. What really gets us is the warm and fluffy, house-made focaccia bread. A sandwich is nothing without bread and when you start with only the best, you know the rest will follow suit.

Okay…back to telling you our favorite. You see, it’s just so hard when you have choices like the legendary prosciutto-mozzarella sandwich. Melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto, melted mozzarella cheese, and hearty mushrooms piled on top of that delicious bread…Mmm, or the spicy soppressata sandwich with ricotta and honey to balance it all out. Or! Or! The roasted eggplant sandwich (yes, we eat vegetarian sometimes!) smothered with fresh pesto! Okay maybe we didn’t choose a favorite…but ask us again in, like, a month.

Clearly, we love Italian food. And we know you do too! Even ask any gluten-free person what food they miss eating. Our very serious, highly scientific research says that nine times out of town they’ll say pasta!

Everywhere you go, no matter what city or country, there’s some kind of Italian restaurant ready to fill your belly. It’s incredible how creative chefs can get with dough, tomatoes, cheeses, meats, and really good olive oil. And we’ll be here to share all of those innovative Italian catering specialties with you. But no, we don’t do Olive Garden catering. You can still talk to us about getting your breadstick fix, though.