Welcome to TL;DR (Tracy’s Latest Discussion Recap), our new series keeping you up to date on thought leadership from Tracy Lawrence, CEO & Co-Founder of Chewse.

At Chewse, we talk a lot about our culture. We put a lot of time, energy, and troubleshooting into creating the inclusive, transparent company we are today. But our culture is by no means Chewse-specific. Every company has their own special formula for success and happiness. But culture – and the leadership that creates culture – doesn’t only come from the top down. Whether you’re a CEO or a first-time manager, there are several ways you can be more inclusive and supportive in your role.

Not sure where to start? Our CEO, Tracy Lawrence, recently wrote an article on Success outlining 5 ways to be a more inclusive leader. In addition to those 5 things, Tracy also discusses how leadership can drive personal development. In her own words:

“What kind of leader would I be if I worked toward only my own personal development and didn’t facilitate my team’s growth? Not only would I be suppressing individual potential, but I would be putting the whole company at a disadvantage by shutting down the contributions each person could make.

My leadership style may indirectly stem from being bullied as a child, but it has become much more than that. It was a hunger to create welcoming spaces where no one has to eat alone that inspired my company, and it’s a passion for developing an inclusive, empowered team that has made it thrive.”

Learn more about Tracy’s leadership style, and how you can become a more inclusive leader, here.