Since its founding, Chewse has been on a mission to ensure that no one eats alone and everyone has a seat at the table.

We believe that teams that eat together, thrive together; and that companies who donate their unwanted food excess can deepen their sense of community and authentic connection during the global food crisis.

Partnering with Copia

Chewse to Give is partnering with food recovery experts Copia to create a streamlined experience for Chewse customers. Now, when a Chewse customer has excess food, they can be assured that meals can go directly to those who need it most. Copia routes food in real-time to non-profits that operate in each community.

Pounds of perfectly
edible food donated


Meals donated
to local nonprofits


Pounds of CO2
emissions saved


How Chewse to Give Works

The second helping

After the meal, tell your host what you don’t want and we’ll take care of the rest.

Dignity in leftovers

Our team packages your leftovers, making sure it’s ready to go to someone in need.

Smart donation

We’ve partnered with Copia™, a fine-tuned distribution platform, to matches excess with a local recipient organization.

Waste not, hunger not

We believe, to fight hunger, we must first fight waste, through partnerships and sustainable business models.

A local approach

There’s something beautiful about a full circle approach to keeping everything hyperlocal.

We source delicious food from the local restaurants you know and love

Everyone has a seat at our table!

Unwanted leftovers go back to local nonprofits to feed even more people

We hire locally, and everyone is a W2 employee

We feed hungry teams who are part of a thriving local business community

About Copia

At Copia™, we come to work every day because we’re accelerating toward a once improbable, now certain future: A world without hunger. We call hunger the World’s Dumbest Problem because we know that hunger is not a scarcity problem; it’s a logistics problem. In a world with so much excess and so much abundance, there’s no reason we can’t feed every person on the planet.

Copia™ makes healthy food more accessible to people in the community by helping businesses redistribute high-quality excess food to feed people in need. Companies use our technology platform to feed the community, save money, and reduce waste.

Together, we’re making hunger history.