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Complex and spicy flavors are the perfect way to welcome November and the Pumpkin Spice Latte comedown, which is why we’ve partnered with Dosa this month to bring you and your office an unforgettable South Indian experience. Hint: If you keep reading, there will be some free treats and chai in your future ;).

Emily and Anjan Mitra are the masterminds behind Dosa, a household name in San Francisco that brings “urban South Indian dining with a California sensibility.” South India is a region comprised of five different states, each with its own traditional dishes, but with shared commonalities: think tamarind and coconut, a majority of vegetarian proteins, more rice than bread, and spicier meals overall.

Dosa’s unique approach to South Indian food is to help people explore new regions and flavors in India through authentic, homemade dishes. While the restaurant offers Indian staples like Chicken Biryani or Tikka Masala, they like to mix them up with dishes most of us have never had a chance to try.

Dosa’s recipes are so unique and flavorful that we’ve decided to offer their happy hour menu to Chewse customers. Here are some of the items we’ve included:

– Papadum: Papadums are thin crisps made with Urad Dal (lentil-like black beans), flower and cumin and are generally accompanied by a variety of chutneys like tamarind, cilantro mint, habanero mango and sweet onion. This crispy snack is often associated with the empowerment of women in India as many Papadum shops and businesses are run by women and provide them with an independent source of income.

Dosa - Papadum Crisps

– Idli fries: Idlis are traditional South Indian savory cakes. They’re made from a batter of rice and lentils that’s fermented and later steamed, which gives them a soft and doughy texture. Dosa’s are cut into thick finger strips, which are then fried and coated with “gunpowder.” No, not actual gunpowder. It’s a South Indian spice mix of toor dal (pigeon peas – a type of pea), moong dal (mung beans), chana dal (split Bengal gram – a type of chickpea), chilies, peanuts and cumin. It has a crunchy, spicy taste that’s the perfect complement to Idli and Dosas. And yes, Idlis are gluten free!

– Chennai chicken: Most of us are already pretty obsessed with fried chicken as it is, but Dosa’s Chennai blend of cumin and coriander makes for the perfect snack.

– Samosas: While they may not be as unique as the rest of the menu items, they’re definitely a must have if we’re talking about Indian style happy hour. Samosas are made with wheat pastry that’s filled with spiced potato, peas and cilantro. If you’re a chutney fan, mint cilantro and tamarind are the best way to enhance these samosas’ flavor.

Dosa - Happy Hour Menu

Are you still there or did we lose you on one of those pictures? We hope we didn’t because there’s more! From now until the end of the year, whenever you add a Dosa meal or a Dosa happy hour to your calendar, you’ll get free treats and chai for your office. Here’s a sneak preview:

Dosa - Cookies

Dosa - Treats

Amazing, right?! These mouthwatering desserts include cardamom chocolate chip cookies, chai spiced sugar cookies, chili fudge brownies, semolina almond halwa, and cardamom cashew cheesecake.

We’re pretty sure your team will be delighted to spice up their end-of-the-year tea time with Dosa treats and chai. So go ahead and add a Dosa meal to your calendar!

If you’re interested in a lunch or dinner meal from Dosa you can look forward to some classics like Tikka Masala (rich tomato cream sauce), Chaana Masala (chickpeas stewed with South Indian spices), Saag Paneer (fresh Indian cheese and chopped spinach cooked with cream and spices) or chicken Korma (chicken cooked in coconut milk and South Indian spices). 

Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to email us at!

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