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Talking about mental health is a conversation entrepreneurs probably need more than the rest of us—research suggests that entrepreneurs are significantly more likely to deal with mental health issues. Thirty percent of entrepreneurs surveyed in a recent study led by psychologist and University of California San Francisco professor Michael Freeman, M.D., reported struggling with depression. For context, less than 7% of the general population deals with depression, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

So many entrepreneurs that we know have been depressed at some point, but no one talks about any of the struggles. As a company, Chewse is deeply passionate about being really raw and honest about how this journey has affected all of us… so that hopefully, it either helps the next generation see themselves in us, or it helps those going through similar stuff know that they’re not on their own.

If the people around us see us going through something, and can understand what we are going through, not only does it create a human connection, but they know it’s okay for them to go through the same thing. For Chewse, this starts with our core value of Fearless Introspection and leads to our mission of elevating culture through the kitchen. Eating together creates stronger human bonds, and this will help to improve your mental health. We believe there is nothing more important than human connection. We encourage you to make room at your table for a neighbor. Click To Tweet

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