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Gigabites is serving up unique, healthy meals you feel good indulging in.

For the minds behind the amazing meals served by Gigabites, everything starts with a trip to a local farmers market. Walking through, seeing what’s available, and trying different fresh produce to see what’s perfectly in season.

Sure, these days you can order pretty much any food you want, any time of the year.

But for it to have that unmatchable, fresh taste, it’s always best to get things that are naturally in season from the area you’re in. There are tons of great reasons to buy local produce that we won’t get into here, but for Gigabites, it all comes down to taste. And finding new ways to satisfy those best buds of yours in your mouth.


Perusing markets is a source of inspiration

Sure, they have their staples – fantastic lettuce cups and wraps, to name two – but what sets Gigabites apart is their creativity and inventiveness in the kitchen. Walking through the market shows them an almost endless possibility of flavor combinations, just waiting to be explored. And like the conquistadors of old, explore they do.

Grabbing an assortment of produce and experimenting like mad scientists until they find the next amazing concept you’re bound to fall in love with. It also means constantly updating the staples to ensure they’re local, seasonal, and fresh. If taco salads your jam, you might find it with some succulent cactus in the summer, a variety of beans mid-fall, or even pumpkin in the middle of winter.

Like mom always said, finish what’s on your plate. 

It goes for what’s on it as well. Some of their favorite stands to check out are the “ugly produce” ones. Fresh produce that still tastes great and is more than fine to eat, but may have some blemishes preventing it from being sold in a grocery store.

This helps reduce food waste, ensuring everything edible is enjoyed. After all, the most important thing when eating should always be focused on taste, so a weird looking squash shouldn’t be ignored.  It’s also a great way to experiment with various ways of preparation, ensuring the ugly ducklings in the veggie world get just as much love as the plump red tomatoes you’ll find in your grocery store.

Being responsible never tasted so good.

Them starting in the market is a way to give you a new start in your cooking

Part of why they do this is to help the person enjoying their creations (that would be you) think of new ways to craft in their own kitchens at home. Getting you to try new ingredients you may have never thought about, or even heard of before. Providing permission to try a persimmon, and then go buy some yourself now that you know what they pair well with. Finding these new foods and combinations is one of our favorite parts of partnering with them.

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