Los Angeles Office Happy Hour Meals

After having a rough day or knowing that a rough one is yet to come, happy hour is the perfect remedy. Get together with some colleagues and have a few drinks and laughs. Make the process even smoother by having a catered happy hour with Chewse. Our goal is to provide you the best office catering in Los Angeles, so you spend less time trying to figure out your happy hour and more time enjoying it. We take care of the details and set up so all you have to do is get behind the bar. Want something to eat with your drinks? We can put together snacks and meals for a smaller group or the entire company. We partner with some of the best local hot spots in Los Angeles to meet the dietary preferences of your group.

Looking on how to fuel your appetite?

Chewse offers some of the following cuisines for Los Angeles, from our dozens of industry partners:

  • Japanese food
  • Mediterranean food
  • Chinese food
  • North African food
  • Indian food
  • Italian food
  • Traditional American food
  • Mexican food

Don’t see your favorite on this list? Check in with us, as we have plenty more to offer.

We also offer other office catering services in Los Angeles, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We can also cater your corporate event or holiday party. As an added note, Chewse is also dedicated to bringing on skilled professionals at every step of your catering process. We are ahead of the industry in providing hourly wages and benefits to those at every step of the chain, from our drivers to our servers. Not only does this benefit them, but helps put together a better experience for you, our valued customers.

How Can Office Happy Hour Catering Help You?

When your employees are working together, it’s like harmony, but things can go the other way as well. Poor communication can lead to directives being missed, or issues developing. This can make the hard work you put in count for less, and potentially affect your company’s productivity in the future. Many companies try to get out in front of these issues by providing opportunities for your employees to bond and get to know each other better. These require investments of both money and time, and it can be a bit irritating if you don’t get the participation you are looking for. Facilitating these events is a lot easier with the help of a catering service like Chewse is perfect. Take the stress out of creating a bonding event for your employees and colleagues and make sure everyone enjoys themselves. Put these things together and you have a winning recipe to keep your workplace humming like clockwork.