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Introducing: Salad Bars!

Ah, lunch time — that sacred hour to refuel, hang out with your colleagues, and maybe even solve all the company’s problems in one sitting. Jokes aside, we obviously take lunch quite seriously here at Chewse, as well as your feedback on what your team wants and needs. We’ve heard you loud and clear – your healthy eaters want awesome lunch options too. This is why we’re super excited to announce our newest Chewse offering: salad bars!

Over the past few months, we’ve been testing out salad bars in addition to our classic family-style meals at companies like Clover Health and Opendoor. These teams receive a full salad bar in addition to their regular Chewse meals to provide an alternative option for their teammates who like a lighter lunch. The results have been outstanding; an engineer at Clover Health said that “having a permanent salad bar has been amazing! I’ve spoken to other folks and have heard a lot of positive things. Having the variety option and a permanent healthy option is pretty much the best. I’ve even combining ingredients from both options to make a SUPER LUNCH.” Emily, the office manager at Opendoor, added “we love having a guarantee of healthy greens and lean proteins and the choice to customize with dressings and toppings.”

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As a service that believes in family-style meals, our focus has always been on bringing people together over food. In order to do that effectively, we need to make sure every diner in an office feels like they have an option they’re excited about for every meal. To some people, that means trying out Burmese food for the first time. To others, it means having a salad option with every meal. Whatever the case, we want to make everyone at your office love their Chewse lunch hour.

Salad bars helping bring your team together over lunch

Keeping In Mind Your Healthy Needs

One of the reasons why we started this program is because over the past few years we’ve learned that being healthy is a big concern for offices when it comes to catered meals. We’ve even seen it in our own office. But we’ve also learned that the definition of “healthy” can vary wildly from office to office or person to person.

For some offices, healthy means balance. Eating veggies and lean meats and keeping the carbs to a minimum most of the time; but throwing in some mac n’ cheese and short ribs at the end of the week to ensure excitement across the team.

For other offices, healthy means light. Catered lunches should always be light and should focus on helping fuel the team. The most important thing is making sure no one has a food coma after lunch.

No matter what definition of healthy your office has, the beauty of adding a salad bar to your regular lunch is that it can help ensure all of your teammates feel included and satisfied after every meal.

Exciting Salad Bars Are Coming Your Way

And since we like to try things first hand before we send them your way, we’ve been testing out adding a salad bar during our own lunches for the past few days and the results have been extraordinary. Everyone at our office feels more included than ever! Not only have they become a conversation topic across the lunch table, but they have also sparked new delicious meal combos (riced cauliflower with chili and pulled pork with a side of arugula salad with feta, tomatoes and cucumbers is the perfect mix of hearty and healthy lunch).

Sala bar creations

So if some of your teammates aren’t feeling Indian food for lunch, or they can’t stomach dumplings mid-day, but others can’t get enough Chana Masala or would like to partake in a dumpling eating competition (we’d never be opposed to that), we have the perfect solution for you. Plus, you’ll save time and avoid spending money on an overpriced salad where the line wraps around the block.

Our salad bars from Mission Picnic include different kinds of leafy greens, your choice of lean proteins ranging from chicken to salmon to steak or tofu, and a plethora of toppings and dressings to mix and match for your personal perfect salad creation. And the best part is that you can pick the ratio of salad bar to hot food your office would prefer (as long as you hit a 10 person minimum).

Salad bar from Mission Picnic

If you think this is something your team may enjoy, just ask your Meal Specialist for more details to get you started or email us at! We know you’ll love it just as much as we do.

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  • Anneli


    Please could you send me a price list of the salad bar that you provide as we are really interested in having you guys come to our office.

    Kind Regards,


    • Gerard Mealy

      Hi Anneli,

      Absolutely! Do you have an office in San Francisco or Los Angeles? If so, we’ll have one of our Account Executives reach out to you with some more information. Thank you!