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This past weekend, the Chewse family caravanned up the California coast to Sonoma County for three days of team building, bonding, and – you guessed it – a whole lot of eating. Here’s our recipe for the best company retreat ever.

team photo


  • 1 house in Bodega Bay, surrounded by horses and trees
  • 12 Chewselings
  • 3 car trunks stuffed with food
  • 1 “Hackathon”
  • 1 Pechakucha
  • 4 Super Secret Pods
  • A whole lot of whisky
  • 1 insane bonfire
  • Countess marshmallows

1. Go a little crazy at Costco and buy all the snacks.

2. Caravan up to Bodega Bay, stopping only for In-N-Out.

3. Dive into our company values, mission, and vision. As a people-focused company, listening to the team’s perspective on what makes Chewse tick is key to practicing what we preach.

4. Taco bar!

5. Host a “hackathon.” Compete to plan the craziest post-Series A growth strategy. Top contenders included a burrito delivery drone and our personal favorite, “for every meal you get, Chewse gets a free meal!” Startups feeding startups! Who’s with us??

6. Pechakucha. Lovingly pronounced “Pikachu,” “Pe-cha-pe-cha,” or “Pshfshacha,” this activity required that every Chewseling present 15 15-second photos about anything at all. Highlights included learning that Blake (Meal Specialist) and Harley (Meal Consultant) were both child models and that our new Head of Sales, Gary, “has both male and female friends.” This was such a fun way to learn more about each other. Try it with your co-workers!

7. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

bodega bay

8. To work at a startup, you need to be A. ambitious and B. a wearer of many hats. Though our team is small, we’re pretty darn nimble! After listing all of our wildest dreams for this next year of office nourishing, we broke into pods and made a plan of action. We can’t tell you yet, but exciting new things are happening here and we can’t wait to show you!

9. Head outside for a pretty silly photo sesh. Check out our team pictures below!

startups sales

Look at those smiles!

chewse founders

Fearless Founders

startup account manager

Megan & Blake AKA Your Tireless Meal Specialists!

startup marketing

Sienna & Her Robust Marketing Team!

startup engineers

Product Gurus Jeff & James

10. Channel your inner Ron Swanson, because it’s steak and whisky time!

office meal program

11. Build a pretty insane bonfire. Roast marshmallows like it’s your job. More whiskey, please.

12. Morning-After Chilaquiles made by Meal Specialist Megan! Plus “breakfast salad,” our scrappy (and veggie) CEO’s questionable (but surprisingly delicious) solution for random leftovers.

13. Drive home, definitely not stopping for In-N-Out, but mayyyybe for some local Fish ‘n Chips and beach frolicking.

company retreat activities

14. Return to work ready to make 2015 amazing with your even-more-amazing team!

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