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April is Stress Awareness Month. Working in the startup world, stress is somewhat unavoidable for most of us. Whether because of the nature of our job, or because of the lifestyle and day-to-day activities we engage in, stress is common and very often overlooked.

As a culture-first company, providing a welcoming and healthy environment for our team is essential.

Your team works hard, and they deserve a break. Here’s a list of ideas we’ve compiled that your team can benefit from during the month of April:

Team Wellness:

Staying active also means staying healthy, both for the mind and the body. A great resource for team activity is The Movement SF. The Movement SF provides a variety of classes for individuals and groups, as well as nutrition consulting. Collaborate and brainstorm with your team on the possibilities of taking fitness classes, yoga sessions, or even a daily walk around your neighborhood!

Combat work stress with The Movement SF

Stress Relieving Apps:

Going through the work week can be stressful for some. That’s where Headspace comes into the picture. Headspace offers meditation and mindfulness support and guidance for your team. They’re able to create a personalized plan for your organization, “avoiding those awkward trust exercises” and giving you monthly metrics to fine tune as you go.

Team Bonding:

What better way to release your team’s stress than an off-site with your crew. Get creative and find outings you can afford and your company will enjoy. Here are some things we personally love to do:

  • Museum Visits: Bust out your brochures and explore the beautiful SFMOMA. Looking for something more interactive? Visit the NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences or After Dark at the SF Exploratorium. Explore beautiful creatures and cool technology over a couple Mezcal drinks!
  • Live Shows: Looking for entertainment? Orpheum Theatre has got you covered! Treat your team out to a live musical at the Orpheum or any other local theater by grabbing tickets through SHNSF.
  • Fresh Air: Take the work out of work. Give your team fresh air at a nearby park or beach with sports and games. If you have a slow Friday afternoon, swing by Golden Gate Park and enjoy the San Francisco Botanical Garden to see beautiful plants and flowers.
  • Giving Back: According to a survey conducted by UnitedHealth Group, 78% of adults said that volunteering lowered their stress levels. Giving back is a great way to improve mood, reduce stress levels and create bonds between team members. Find ways to give back to your community here.

Culture @ Chewse - Ocean Beach bonfire


I mean, we couldn’t really leave food out of the equation. Food is the universal key to everyone’s heart (well, for us at least). Treat your team with delicious catered meals to increase team morale, chat about non-work related topics, and bond over the importance of avocados in a California diet. If you need help getting office meals, we’re just a hotline away. Our team takes care of you so you can take care of your team!

Eating the stress away

Your team’s health and stress levels reflect on your company’s performance. At the end of the day, staying active and finding ways to improve your team’s health can go a long way – whether it be an off-site or just a walk around the block. If you have any ideas on ways we can help with stress awareness and other potential solutions, please send them our way:

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