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Half of the conversations we have in our office are about the new restaurants we’ve tried in any given week. As foodies we love to find the perfect balance between crowd favorites (like Nopa, Zuni Café, or Tony’s Pizza) and hidden gems.

But we all know that culinary experiences in the Bay Area tend to cost more than we’re willing to admit.

So we’ve come up with a list of our top 10 hidden gem SF restaurants on a budget for everyone to enjoy. Chya! As great as it sounds:

1- Fat Angel:

The Western Addition? That’s a neighborhood in SF? Where the hell is it? Don’t worry, this small and charming restaurant will put it right back on the map. An extensive list of beers paired with a short but well-crafted food menu will make this your new go-to spot. Order a flatbread and their spicy mac n’cheese.

2- The Brazen Head:

If you’re looking to escape the Marina party scene and enjoy a nice, classy meal away from the bros, The Brazen Head is your best option. This inconspicuous retro American pub serves up old-school bistro dishes like New York Strip Steak and French Onion Soup at a very affordable price. And the kitchen is open until 1am.

3- Uva Enoteca:

The idea of brunch in San Francisco is usually the worst part of your weekend: long lines, expensive drinks and mediocre food. Uva Enoteca, in the lower Haight, doesn’t care for any of those: no lines, tasty Italian-inspired brunch dishes and $13 bottomless Bellinis.

4- Dusty Buns:

“No Freezers, No Fryers, Everything Made From Scratch.” That’s Dusty Buns’ motto. You can get a complete meal at this colorful Design District bistro for $15, which proves quality and freshness CAN be affordable.

5- Radio Africa & Kitchen:

Tuesday nights are Community Tuesdays over at Radio Africa & Kitchen. Aside from the $10 prix fixe African seasonal menu, this weekly event helps showcase local artists’ talent in music, film and art.

6- Shanghai Dumpling King:

Ok, you’ve probably heard of or been to Shanghai Dumpling King a few times, but we couldn’t resist adding it to this list. Stuff your face with traditional soup dumplings, Shanghai style noodles and green onion pancakes for less than $15. Also, the Richmond District location is BYOB (with no corkage fee!!).

Shanghai Dumpling King - Richmond District

7- Stable Café:

Grab some breakfast for under $10 at one of the coolest outdoor patios in the city. Unleash your inner hipster and come work on your next startup idea at this quaint little café on a sunny morning.

8- The Mill’s Monday Night Pizza:

The hip coffee shop on Divis offers more than $5 fancy toast. On Monday nights the cafe turns into a pizza joint with $3 slices and $24 pies. Plus, it’s BYOB. There’s no better way to start your week.

9- Basik Café:

If you don’t think Açai Bowls count as a meal you can stop reading now. If you do, Basik Cafe will give you the most bang for your buck. $14 for a large might seem a bit overpriced, but when you see how big they actually are, you’ll thank us.

10- Hot Sauce & Panko:

6 chicken wings for less than $7 with over 20 different choices. That’s all you need to know.

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