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Tofu doesn’t always get a lot of love. Some of us just don’t like it, and while it’s usually the main entree option for vegetarians and vegans, it’s hard to do right.

But hey, maybe we just haven’t been adventurous enough when trying different types of tofu? So in order to expand horizons and everyone’s dining menu, we’ve found 9 Bay Area restaurants with mouthwatering tofu dishes that will give it a better rep. Ready?

1. Souley Vegan – Southern fried tofu. Fully vegan BBQ is hard to manage, but Souley Vegan has been able to replicate fried chicken perfectly (as per the below picture).

Southern fried tofu from Solely Vegan

2. Burma Superstar – Tofu vegetable kebat. A fan favorite in San Francisco, Burma Superstar (among others) has helped spread the word around how tasty and unique Burmese food is. Their vegetable kebat is a symphony of flavors and textures.

3. Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya – Surprise Ending roll. We were skeptical about a sushi restaurant that doesn’t actually serve any fish. But Shizen delivers the most satisfying and out-of-the-box sushi vegan experience. The Surprise Ending is basically a Russian Roulette sushi plate with a really spicy piece and a shot of sake.

Surprise Ending tofu roll from Shizen

4. Namu Gaji – Portobello, shiitake, tofu, ricotta, chili oil, pine nut, nori. This combination is a great introduction into the world of yummy tofu since it isn’t the main or only ingredient in the dish.

5. Thai Idea – Green curry tofu. So green curry is already a win on its own, but we have an insider tip for the next time you visit Thai Idea: ask the restaurant to deep fry your tofu before they add it to the curry, it’ll be the perfect crispy addition you need.

6. Sneaky’s BBQ – Smoked tofu. Who said you can’t be a vegetarian to enjoy good barbecue? Sneaky’s makes sure non-meat eaters leave their restaurant as pleased and full as meat lovers.

7. The Chairman – Miso cured tofu steamed bao. We’ve mentioned The Chairman in many of our blog posts, but we just can’t help it. Every bao they make is perfection, and their miso cured tofu is no exception.

Miso cured tofu steamed bun from The Chairman

8. Mission Chinese – Pork Ma Po Tofu. Not for the faint of heart, this dish will have you crying in seconds if you’re not used to spicy food. Worth every teardrop, though.

9. Atlas Cafe – Baked tofu sandwich. Aside from being one of the friendliest neighborhood bars, having a kick-ass back patio and hosting live music, Atlas Cafe also has a baked tofu sandwich, for under $9!!

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to give tofu another try! Who knows, maybe this time you’ll fall in love with it ;).

If you want to see some amazing tofu dishes delivered to your office, email us and we’ll show you how it’s done.

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