Dinner Catering

Let’s face it, working late happens. But whether you’re working late to close a major deal or handle an unforseen hiccup, there’s an easy way to say “thank you” to the team for a job well done: dinner catering from Chewse!

Get dinner for your office

From old standbys to new favorites

We love pizza (come on, who doesn’t!). But office dinners can be more than grabbing a slice and going back to your desk. A great team deserves a great meal, and Chewse lets you choose from family style Korean, Japanese, Indian, and tons more.







What to expect from a Chewse dinner

Rallying your team before they head home (or *gulp* back to their desks for a late-night sprint) is a great way to boost office community, especially when it might feel a bit low. No matter what your office vibe is, we’ll cater, set-up, and clean-up a delicious dinner. Now that’s something everyone can get behind.

Affordable Pricing

Every team is different, and your Account Manager will work with you to find a dinner catering plan that works. One thing always remains the same though – no matter how big your team is, we’ve got you covered.

Appropriate Portions

We’ll make sure everyone has enough to eat, but we also won’t send you too much food. Our meal experts thoughtfully take care of potions, and everything is labeled for your team’s well being.

Feedback System

Each meal is crafted by a team of food professionals, but we know we can always do better. You’ll get a feedback form with every meal, and we’ll make adjustments quickly if necessary.

Full Service

You won’t see any delivery or set-up fees when you order Chewse dinner catering. We can also provide utensils and plates if needed. Your team’s full bellies are the only sign we were ever there!

No Food Wasted

Your Meal Host can box up any leftovers you’d like to keep. Or we can also recover your food and redistribute it to your local community through our Chewse to Give program.

Find Chewse dinner catering in…

Whether you’re unwinding after a hard day or powering up for a long night, Chewse’s San Francisco dinner catering is the extra boost your office needs. Try some crispy falafel and gyros from The Halal Guys, or take a trip to the Caribbean with Manje’s bowl bar. We can taste the renewed energy already!

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The SoCal sun never sets on Chewse LA dinner catering. Treat your office to some Argentinian Side Kitch or The Bento Place’s bento bonanza. Or go healthy before heading home with some of Fellow’s refreshing California classics!

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Some people may feel more productive at night, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need food to get them there. Chewse’s Silicon Valley dinner catering can get your team revved up and ready for more. Try refueling with some BBQ from Alice’s Smokehouse, or opt for a globally-inspired option from Mint & Limone. Bon appetit!

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Tony C’s pizza for dinner? Don’t mind if we do. No matter why you’re at the office, boost your team’s spirits (or celebrate a great day!) with Chewse’s Austin dinner catering. If pizza isn’t your style, try some of Taj Palace’s Indian classics, or go home happy with HBD Scratch Kitchen’s American classics.

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Dinner at the office? Might as well make it a good one. With Chewse Chicago dinner catering, you can get favorites like Firenze’s Italian Street food, SoJu BBQ, or even Taza Cafe’s Mediterranean medly. Whether you’re heading home or hunkering down, give your team a dinner to remember!

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