Everyone has a seat at our table

We are a diverse, culture-first company that cares deeply about our clients and about each other. Simply put, our goal is to build a table big enough for everyone.

Founder and CEO Tracy Lawrence

The genesis for Chewse came from a vulnerable place in Tracy’s childhood.

“I was bullied so badly that I was eating lunch alone in a bathroom stall from the ages of 7 to 10. I never connected the dots until later in my life: But this is why I built a company that ensures no one eats lunch alone and what pushed me toward creating a company around food. The best part of my day is eating lunch with my team. That’s how you build authentic relationships.”

Tracy built Chewse with the mission that no one would eat lunch alone. That’s why we hire our hospitality team locally, source our food from local restaurants, and donate unwanted meals. We take every opportunity to pull up a chair at the table for someone who could be crowded out by big players. In fact, we believe community is what sets us apart, and we’re thrilled to share our community partners with you.

Strengthening our communities

Investing in our drivers and hosts

All of our drivers and hosts are employees — not contractors or freelancers. This means we provide a highly-trained, totally invested team to serve YOUR team.

Empowering our Restaurant Partners

It’s a pretty simple formula: when we succeed, they succeed. We help them grow their business while they help us bring great food to hungry customers!

Donating the leftovers

We partner with our clients to safely donate their excess food. As part of our Chewse to Give program, we make food more accessible to people in the community by helping businesses redistribute high-quality excess food to feed people in need.

Learn more about our service pillars

It’s our goal to boost your team’s happiness with every meal. Here’s how we’re getting there.

Our brand and our people embody a friendly and generous spirit.

We find joy in service to others and in making authentic connections.

We’re creating tools that seamlessly empowers the human experience.

Our investors

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