Automated for your needs

The Chewse Platform does the heavy lifting so you can get great food, directly to your door.

As a hospitality-centered, community-oriented, and technology-based startup, we’re integrating everything great about computer automation while still making sure you get the dedicated, non-robotic help you need.

Here’s a snapshot of what your weeks could look like!

Office catering technology done right

View your current meals

The Chewse calendar dsahboard is a one-stop-shop for all of your scheduled meals. Whether you want to know what your guest count is, what restaurant you’ll be getting, or what special plates are arriving – the Chewse dashboard has it all!

Request new meals

Want to schedule an ad hoc meal, or add another recurring order to your weekly catering schedule? Input your meal type, guest count, and preferences, and the dashboard will take care of the rest!

Change or cancel your meals

If you’ve had a change of plans or need to add more people to your order, you can do that right on the Chewse platform! Edit and confirm right on the page; our help desk will contact you with any follow up!

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